Some Quantock Items

Benjamin Haughton

Benjamin Haughton by George Augustus PooleI have been unable to find out anything at all about this artist beyond his dates (1865-1924). He Painted in East Devon, in Cornwall and especially around the village of East Down in North Devon near Barnstaple and Ilfracombe. A lot of his work is now in museums and public galleries around the country. 

The paintings below are all those I could find specifically recorded as Quantock scenes, but there are many others which might well have been painted here. He was very prolific, as well as being very capable. His many paintings of trees have beautiful calmness to them. The unpeopled landscapes have a dreamlike quality.

I would love to know more, even just to put a little biography here on this page. The portrait to the right is Haughton painted by George Augustus Poole. Let me know if you can help.

Last Updated on  March 4th, 2016